Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saturday with a blank calendar!

Oh what a joy to have nothing on the calendar! Life still needs to happen, but when it's at our own pace, and all together, it's just nice.

So, Tim was able to go to his new favorite store, the 'new' HyVee, which is conveniently down the street from us, and procure his ingredients for ribs on the grill. The 3 older kids went with him to help in the shopping process, and they managed to stay to the list! The rest if Tim's day was spent prepping ribs and his sermon for tomorrow. Very fun for him.

The big boys were in and out, round and about the neighborhood, playing with friends and having a great time. Samantha and the twins are all healthy now, after their 6 day quarantine for flu symptoms, so they were out and about the house, playing and just being loud!

I had time to rearrange the boys room,moving out the queen bed and replacing it with 1/2 of the bunk beds we have to put up there. Hopefully God will bring us just the right little boy to add to that big boy room, and now we have the space to do so. Until then, the big boys are loving the new arrangement and extra elbow room to do some serious Lego building! Josiah got another new set for uncle Steve and auntie Stephanie today! (It's already built)

It was such a a nice weather day, I had to put on shorts and a T-shirt. It was cloudy, rainy and a bit muggy. I was even able to get a tad bit of fresh air into the house!! I loved that.

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