Friday, January 17, 2014

Oh the joys...

And I mean that in a non sarcastic tone of voice.  These are a few of my joys in life...
Our friend, Tyriq, working alongside Samantha during our Wednesday night High 5 program, at church.

Caleb, once again, showing me up in the baking category!

Josiah, showing love to his Dad by constructing 'DAD' with bristle blocks.

KR, post surgery to repair his umbilical hernia. (Purposefully anonymized). Quite a trooper.

KM with his picked out, stylin' Afro, instead of Napfro, thanks to encouragement from my friend, TJ!

All these pictures say, I love the adventure I've been entrusted with on this earth & am grateful for the things I am given to do for the furthering of God's eternal kingdom.  Before I lose anyone, as you think, 'I could never do that', or, 'she's amazing', let me set you straight by telling you no one pictured here is perfect or even in a good mood, every day!  We all have our moments & are still learning on this adventure, but we all live in the grace and knowledge that God loves us & our main objective in life is to do our best, through His strength.

We Can Do It!! (Pretty sure the Bible says that too, check it out...Phillipians 4:13) - I had to verify that was the correct reference...FYI ­čśť

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