Tuesday, January 7, 2014


To blog or to facebook, that's the question...So, shout out some feedback, I want to know.

Here I am, thinking out loud. 

Blogging is a great place to share more personal information, that maybe the 'general' public (friends only), want to read on facebook. 

I love seeing people's pictures on facebook & I often times find great encouragement from reading shared blog posts, articles, etc. from friend's pages on facebook.

Often times I click on shared blogposts & find the stories so perfectly in tune with my life, that I then go back to those people's pages and look for more posts to read...when I have time.

My blog is something that people have to actively seek out to read, so if they are here, they want to know what's going on...the details, not just the cute picture of my sweet and only daughter standing in the snow.

I feel like I can share more personal thoughts via my blog, because I won't be 'throwing' them in everyone's face on facebook - no pun intended, for reals!

So, I think it's good for me to blog & share our life with our family & friends near & far who want to know what's going on.  I know I love a good update from my friends & family...that's why Christmas card season is one of my favorites!  Keep 'em comin'...

I've tried and tried and tried....(lots of trying) to keep a journal...prayer journal, life event journal, baby journal, baby book (I'm so typical with this one).  Technically I'm 'suppose' to keep up lifebooks for the foster kids, but who has time for that?  If only they would pay me to foster, then maybe I would have time...although then I'd have to give up my sweet job, working with fun people & getting out of the house regularly to have adult conversation.

Maybe blogging will help relieve those people who call me & then can't get off the phone because I just like tlaking to someone who actually responds and isn't asking me to do something for them.  Blogging is still a one way communication (unless you post comments back to me), but I'm getting my thoughts out at least.

It seems more socially acceptable to share my thoughts with my computer screen, than to just talk to myself all day long (honestly, this happens both audibly and just psychotically in my own little head)

Do you have any thoughts on this?  Do you like blog reading?  Is it a waste of time? 


lauren said...

I love reading blogs. It's a great way to get a little deeper. I've already got yours added to my reader app, so it came right up. Please share away. I love hearing what you are thinking about! :)

DeerGrove said...

Maria! I love reading blogs and I love reading yours! And not just for the cute pictures of your amazing kids that I miss. I always have loved hearing your thoughts on life and God so I would love to read more on here! I'll even try and comment more! Miss you all so much!

alicia said...

That last comment was from me - Alicia - one of your favorite interns of yesteryears!