Monday, October 18, 2010

Kijabe, Kenya - Phase 2 of our adventure is complete....

So, Our Adventure continued, on to Rift Valley Academy on Tuesday, October 12, 2010...

The School Bus, with Tim posing for a picture opportunity
We were picked up at the Mission Aviation Fellowship Hanger by the RVA school bus & we were joined by 16 students who were returning to school after their semester break.

My view out the side of the bus
Of course, the photos do not do the traffic, nor the congested nature of the roadways justice, but trust me, the on coming traffic was extremely close.

Notice the thumbs up for the 'Muzungu' (white people)
One of the towns we drove through on our way to RVA

I had the exceptional privilege of going to 'the valley' with JanaMead, Jeanne Brennan & their friend John, a Kenyan National, who works with widows in the valley, encouraging them through food distribution on a random basis. I had the delightful opportunity
of meeting these widows, some of their children they are supporting, which was anywhere from 3-9 children.  We brought them food, some needed $$ to pay the school fees for the children who had been sent home because they hadn't paid their fees & we prayed for them.  What an honor and delight to meet these woman who work so hard and love/care for these orphans. 
Cows & goats were in the middle of the road in the IDP (internally displaced people) camp in the Rift Valley 
View of RVA from the Valley...
Rift Valley Academy is the group of red roof buildings

I got to go to the Village Market (shopping mall) just outside of Nairobi with Jana Mead and Jeanne Brennan & their 2 friends.  They were a part of a Quilter's Guild @ the Mall & I went shopping @ the Masai Market with Jeanne - she was my bartering encouragement.  I had a blast!!!
Masi Market @ Village Market

On the way back from the Market, DeeAnna insisted on getting an ear of corn from the vendors along side the road - I thought it was average tasting at best, but certainly did not miss the opportunity.  The most entertaining part of the experience was watching the vendor play chicken across 2 lanes of traffic to get the corn to us.  He was successful, so it was all good...well except the corn.

Field corn...on a stick?  Well, it's actually just the stalk they don't remove, but nonetheless - an experience.

More to come - gotta get photos from Tim's camera too.

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BT Laurie said...

Thanks for the update. I love the 'eating corn' photo!
What a wonderful experience!