Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Korr, Kenya Update

We have some down time right now as we wait for our transport from Nairobi to Kijabe today.  So, I'm excited to give you a brief look into where we've been since Wednesday, October 6.

Our flights getting to Nairobi were great.  Long, but great.  Our stops were minimal in length & I believe we went through security at least 5 times, but never left the airport - we were the most secured fliers in the sky~!
Waiting for our flight out of London Heathrow - Thursday 8 AM London Time, 4 AM our body time.
We arrived in Nairobi without a hitch & sailed through the Visa line at a snails pace, but with no hiccups.
Waiting in the passport line @ Nairobi airport - Thursday, October 7, 930 pm, Kenya time, 130 pm body time - minimal sleep!!
Our sleep @ the Mayfield was brief, but it was sooooo nice to stretch out for a few hours & have a nice shower before heading to Korr.
Our room @ the Mayfield Missionary House - we slept from about 11 pm until about 6 am (Tim a little less).
We lightened our load, leaving most luggage at the Mayfield and went to the Mission Aviation Fellowship hanger to board our plane to Korr.
Tim in front of the Mayfield Missionary House, our backpacks ready to head to Korr  - 745 am.
Whoa...this is our plane.
Our plane to Korr -Tim's taller than the plane & the pilot commented on how we were @ MAX weight!!

We were packed in, no doubt - had to hold my backpack on my lap, I'm ready for the adventure.  I just kept telling myself, 'It's just like riding in a go-cart'...
The flight was amazing and smooth, with lots to see because we were so low flying.
Village in the Korr area, we are getting close to landing in Korr

Typical Rendille woman, carrying her sticks and collecting as she walked.  These are possibly part of her Min (hut) she is building/repairing in her Gobpe (village)

The student's feet.  All the students had shoes, although some very worn & all very dusty/dirty.

Tim speaking to the students in Korr during a session.

Playing 'Me - Switch'

Tim had a fun time trying to instill the concept of not cheating during the game.

Tim walking into the darkness of Korr -it's hard to capture darkness with the camera.

Riding in the back of the truck was much cooler than riding in the cab.  I loved it!

Tim a.k.a. Mr. Dessert Man, ready for any adventure

Kids @ the cultural day, they loved having their picture taken and then looking at it on the screen.

Can you find Tim?  These are our students, dressed in their cultural clothes & beads for cultural day.

Maria with the girls all dressed up in their beads for cultural day.

This little girl attached herself to my side for the day.

Tim, just being Tim with one of our students in Korr.


Rachel said...

Maria this is AWESOME!!! I just had a chance to not only read about your fun trip but also get caught up with your blog!! You've done a much better job than me at keeping up. I'll be praying for you this week. What an incredible opportunity you have in Africa. I'll be watching.... LOVE It!!!

Ralph said...

Great! Thanks for the update

Lois Jean Kinney said...

I loved looking at the pictures. WE are in NJ helping with our g'sons while 3 y/o Jada is in the hospital recovering from y'day's reconstructive surgery which was deemed successful! This is her second surgery, the last one in May. Nerves and muscles from the legs to the face to overcome the intrauterine stroke she had. God is good!

Anonymous said...

what wonderful pictures. I laughed at the picture of Tim amongst all the students. reminded me of Kristi's comment when I asked her how I would find her when I arrived in Tegusequlpa Airport. She said in a sea of brown skinned people, you'll find my white skin!!
Diane Kerekes

Kathy said...

Maria - how incredibly fun to read up on your experience in KENYA so far!!! I have a good friend there who lives in Nairobi - had I known ahead of time that you were going, I might have stowed away with you. :) Love to you and praying for safety for you and Tim. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

yeah, realized I commented the same thing twice. didn't realize the "comment moderation" was on - just thought my comments were disapearing!!! blonde joke material... I know. Love ya.